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Rand Paul risks alienating his father’s base as he tries to expand his own.

 The Kentucky senator, who speaks at the Republican convention Wednesday night, has a younger face and a softer edge, but his name does not guarantee the loyalty of Ron Paul’s most passionate supporters.

With buzz around a potential run for president in 2016, Ron Paul’s son plans to make the case to delegates that it is better for the movement to work with the GOP establishment rather than from the rebellious fringe. But convincing a libertarian movement that puts a premium on purity to play in the big tent of a major party is a big ask.

Among some supporters of the elder Paul, there are doubts about whether Rand Paul is up to the task of carrying his father’s torch.

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Comment by Linda Gonzales
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Risk alienating, I'd say he's done it!

Comment by Chip Saunders
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I just don't see how he's ever gonna capture anybody's trust ever again.


The man couldn't be loyal to his own father, but I'm supposed to believe he'll be loyal to me?! I'm supposed to believe he has integrity and the nation's interests at heart after sinking that knife in Ron's back?

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