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Paul Ryan's Speech Proves The New Political Truth: It's Fine To Lie

•, Henry Blodget
 Not anymore.

Now, says Jeff Greenfield, the veteran political analyst and Yahoo News columnist, the media is held in such low regard by Americans that getting called out for lying merely serves to confirm a widespread belief that the "liberal media" has an axe to grind against conservative politicians.

As a result, the whoppers that dominated Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan's convention speech last night will likely not hurt the candidate's standing with Republican voters, says Greenfield. Rather, they'll reinforce the right-wing view that the media is "in the tank" for President Obama.

For those who do care about the truth, though, it's worth noting that even FOX News described Ryan's speech as "deceiving." (The FOX columnist, Sally Kohn, also called the speech "dazzling" and "distracting." And Ryan did have some wonderful lines, especially one about how the job market is so bad that today's college graduates have nothing to do but go home to their parents houses and lie on their beds staring at "fading posters" of Obama.)

The descriptions of the speech from other observers, meanwhile, ranged from "factually shaky" to "fibs" to "lies."

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