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Soldiers suspected of plotting to kill Obama face death penalty

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Three serving soldiers who allegedly set up a militia group within the US army, which plotted to overthrow the government and assassinate President Obama, face the death penalty after they were arraigned on murder charges.

Prosecutors in Georgia announced on Thursday they would seek death sentences in one of the most startling and potentially serious cases of an anti-government militia to be brought before the courts in recent years. They alleged that the soldiers stockpiled almost $90,000 worth of guns and bomb-making equipment which they planned to use to kill the president and carry out a range of other violent acts.


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Comment by Ed Price
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I still like the way Eric Qualan - the villain in the movie "Cliffhanger" - said it: "Kill a few people, they call you a murderer [the accused soldiers; Ed.]. Kill a million and you're a conqueror [Obama; Ed.]. Go figure."

Actually, I strongly doubt that Obama has come close to killing a million through all the Middle East fighting he has endorsed. But by the time all the anti-Constitutional laws he has set in place are done, he will have killed way over a million in Americans alone - maybe the whole country.

It wouldn't surprise me if it were found that Congress had secretly passed a bill into law that gave equal credit to each member of Congress for all the kills that came about because of all the laws that they had not repealed, and all the Presidential actions that they had endorsed, while they were in office. This way a whole bunch of Congress-people could become conquerors, as well.

We need a little humor in life. So ...

How is Obama killing all those fellow Muslims in the Middle East, like a marriage gone sour? ... Infidelity.

Comment by Larken Rose
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Hey, progress! Look what word DIDN'T make it into the "Raw Story" version of events. The word: anarchist. Obviously these state mercenaries are not anarchists, as their stated goals clearly demonstrate. Yet CNN, "BusinessInsider," and other state propaganda puppets kept on parroted the term, because the control freaks kept doing so. Again, if the political parasites were honest, the message would have been, "Holy smokes, our own mercenaries are turning against us!" Instead, they tried to spin it as, "Anarchists are doing bad things!" Kudos to "Raw Story" for actually REPORTING, instead of propagandizing.