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Putin Is Demonized While Democracy Fails in Amerika

•, by Paul Craig Roberts
  Following the propaganda line that Washington has established, RootsAction’s appeal for money and petition signers states that the three Russian women were sentenced to two years in prison “for the ‘crime’ of performing a song against Russia’s president Vladimir Putin in a Moscow church.”

This statement is a propagandistic misrepresentation of the offense for which the women were tried and convicted.

I have expressed my sympathies for the convicted women, and as a member of Amnesty International and the American Civil Liberties Union, I support human rights.

But I do not support the use of human rights organizations in behalf of Washington’s propaganda.

If Putin or some other official has the power to commute the sentences, I hope he uses it. But I do not think that the concerted Western propaganda campaign against Putin encourages that result. Twice as many Russians support the sentence than oppose it.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Washington Propaganda Against Vladimir Putin Brings Laughter In Russia  Washington’s latest attempt to demonize Vladimir Putin’s distaste for freedom of expression is a laughing matter in Moscow  (Re: imprisonment of three Russian women) that performed a song against president Putin in church. Millions of Informed Russians believe in comparison to Putin, the Obama Administration is more a threat to democracy. It is widely known in Russia  the Obama Administration recently filed an appeal to stop a judge’s injunction that blocked enforcement of some NDAA provisions which the Obama Administrated stated—they were justified and have the authorization to lock belligerents up indefinitely—because cases involving belligerents directly-aligned with militants against the good of America—warrants such punishment.  Russians believe under NDAA,  U.S. Armed Forces will arrest not just terrorist suspects, but large numbers of Americans U.S. Government deems Belligerents, something Vladimir Putin has not proposed against Russian Citizens. The Obama administration has not defined what is a (belligerent); or militant, or what belligerent activities (directly align with a militant to order a belligerent’s arrest or indefinite detention; or what is against the good of America.  U.S. Government could deem militant e.g. any protestor, political organization; unorganized militia.  U.S. Government under NDAA could arbitrarily charge any statement, writing or communication with any person or group  government deems militant is (directly aligned) to arrest and detain Americans. Writers and journalists that disagree with or question U.S. Government or its allies—could be subject to NDAA indefinite detention on the basis their statements or writings were “against the good of America.” The Nazi Government used similar laws to NDAA to arrest, disappear and execute without probable cause—political opposition and to confiscate property of those they arrested. Under the broad provisions of 2013 NDAA, U.S. Government or the President could order the round up any number of Americans alleged belligerents or threat to National Security. The Obama Administration wants the power to incarcerate in indefinite detention “American Belligerents” without probable cause, evidence, or charges, with no right to an attorney or habeas corpus. Increasingly some observers believe NDAA included the term “Belligerent” so U.S. Government would have authority granted by Congress to—Indefinitely Detain any number of Americans (without evidence of wrongdoing) for example arrest Americans on the premise their—1st Amendment activities appeared intended toward or were used to support or provoke—hostilities, combatants, terrorism or belligerents; or posed a threat to National Security. Hitler included similar broad provisions in his Discriminatory Decrees signed February 28, 1933—that allowed Reich Authorities and German Police to arrest without evidence, any person that authorities deemed inciting public unrest; that included German journalists, peaceful protestors, artists; Germans dancing the Jitterbug were arrested for inciting. Hitler’s 1933 fascist Decrees unlike the 2013 NDAA, did not call for indefinite detention of belligerents or persons inciting public unrest. Specific Jail time and fines were stated. 2013 NDAA and Hitler’s 1933 Decrees are similar, both the U.S. and Reich laws allow forced government censorship; warrant-less searches of private property and property forfeiture of arrested persons not charged with crime. Under the Patriot Act, lending itself to corruption, the U.S. Government may use secret witnesses and informants to cause civil asset forfeiture of Americans’ property—witness(s) and informants may be paid up to 50% of assets they cause to forfeit. Federal Government is only required to use a preponderance of civil evidence, little more than hearsay to Civilly Forfeit Private Property. Under the Patriot Act Innocent property owners may be barred from knowing or challenging evidence the federal government uses to confiscate their property. Provisions in 2013 NDAA keep the door open for corrupt U.S. police; government agents and provocateurs which there are many, to falsify reports and statements to target any American, group or organization for arrest or disappearance; to forfeit the assets of any person or business. Sections of 2013 are so broadly written, it appears U.S. Government or the President could (retroactively) deem any American’s 1st Amendment activities prior to passage of 2012 NDAA supported hostilities, terrorism or (Belligerents) to order the arrest and Indefinite Detention of any American, writer, group or organization. It should be expected under NDAA that indefinitely detained U.S. Citizens not involved in terrorism or hostile activities, not given Miranda Warnings when interrogated, not allowed legal counsel or habeas corpus may be prosecuted for non-terrorist (ordinary crimes) because of their (alleged admissions) while held in Indefinite Detention.  

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