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China Now Using a Cruise Ship to Haul Troops and Tanks

•, By Robert Beckhusen

The media freaked out about China’s crappy aircraft carrier and hyperventilated over the J-20 stealth fighter. But China’s newest addition to its military is more subtle, and stylish. It’s a 36,000-ton pleasure boat capable of disgorging thousands of troops and hundreds of vehicles held inside its belly.

That would be the Bahai Sea Green Pearl, a 36,000-ton ferry and cruise ship commissioned in August at Yantai Port in China’s northeastern Shandong Province. At heart a vessel for pleasure and civilian transport, the ship is intended to normally ferry cars and passengers across the Yellow Sea. But when needed by the People’s Liberation Army, the Green Pearl can double as a troop carrier. During its launching ceremony and demonstration on Aug. 8, PLA troops could be seen loading dozens of tanks, artillery pieces and armored vehicles on board.

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Comment by David McElroy
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 The Chinese navy brass made it clear from the beginning that the surplus Russian aircraft carrier they refurbished was intended primarily as a training ship. It is their first carrier, and they will need to do much study and training to prepare crewmen and equipment to work with the precision and speed needed when they begin launching their bigger brand-new Chinese-built aircraft carriers. As far as that cruise ship transporting troops and tanks... China has the largest fleet of ships in the world, and they all belong to the state. The Chinese merchant ships are the most heavily armed merchant marine in the world. The Chinese aren't bluffing.

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