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Seven Reasons to Consider Off-the-Grid Independent Living

•, By Activist Post

Going off grid should not be a spontaneous decision; it can be exceedingly difficult, costly, and fraught with unexpected problems if one has not done the proper research, nor acquired the requisite skills. This article will not be about how to go off the grid, but rather why one should strongly consider doing whatever it takes learn all they can about this option as soon as possible.

Once the mental commitment has been made, it helps to begin talking to others of like mind who might consider a joint venture to create an independent set-up free from the bureaucracy and the intrusions of a collapsing economy and society.

This also will not be an article about what locations might be best, or if it might be necessary for one to leave their country of birth to find independence. Those are separate considerations that have received thorough treatment from experts, and we have provided links at the end of the article for some of the best resources to help in those practical areas.

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