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Peter Schiff: "Romney is the lesser of two evils."

•, by P.Au.L
 Peter Schiff: "Romney is the lesser of two evils."

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Comment by Ed Price
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In the past - a hundred years ago or more - things were different than they are now. A President was actually someone who held a position of authority in the United States Government.

The President still holds a very important position in the Government. But it is NOT a position of authority. Why not? Because nowadays the President is just a puppet of and scapegoat for Congress.

If Congress didn't need a puppet/scapegoat, and if the people were smart enough to see through all the propaganda that Government spreads among the population, we wouldn't even need a President.

In fact, with communications and transportation being what they are today, it would actually be to our advantage to do away with the Federal Government, and to handle National Government at the State-level, through a meeting of State Governors.

So, let's make all the States adopt all the points of freedom in the Constitution and Bill of Rights into their State Constitutions, and then let's abolish the Federal Government right along with the Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S. Military. Let the State Governors handle the whole thing. We can control them better.

Comment by Rocky Frisco
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ROMNEY: the slightly different of two evils!

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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Pete, somehow that is not reassuring. Ron Paul is not evil at all. Except to the Big Government Party, military industrial complex, prison industrial complex, deficit spenders, the 'Fed' & others who are working the Cloward & Piven  strategy on how to collapse the US financially.

 Shoot! No wonder the RNC, fringe media & all the above didn't want Ron around! Cut spending? Live within our means? That guy's crazy! Mind our own business indeed!! We make to much $$ from perpetual war...

But to We The People, Ron is a God send. But trying to have the Constitution returned as the law of the land is dangerous business... Larry McDonald's family found that out the hard way.