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That's it. I'm done. No more GOP, LP, GJ, or any of it. I'll tell you why - you can tell

•, by bcg
 First of all, thank you guys for all of your efforts so far. I'm sure you know this is only the beginning. For me however, I am finished with the "politics" of this age in history. After this week, I know that we have already crossed the event horizon and that the system is beyond repair. I should have known this already. Yet I still canvassed neighborhoods, went to Tea Party rallies to try persuade folks, went to Republican committee meetings and tried schmoozing with fake/shallow people, watched every debate, checked DP frequently and the whole nine. When I voted for Dr. Paul this year it marked the only time I have voted for a president, even though I vote frequently on local races and issues. I should have learned from what my father went through in "politics". Today, when I saw this video, I thought of him and made my decision:
My father spent most of his adult life trying to make a difference politically. He ran for office countless times. He wrote countless letters. He was illegally removed from the ballot in 2008 and tried to sue in federal court, but his case was dismissed on ridiculous grounds.

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