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Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Réaumur, andRankine Conversion Formulas

 This is the lean and chart oriented version of the temperature converter and related formulae. (If your are NOT a Type "A" personality and want to get some additional explanations of the formulae and calculations, more text intense version. This shows the formulae also and has the calculator, but the methodology of display is quite different.) We have created a chart of the formulas needed to convert temperature to and from Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Réaumur, and Rankine. We have also created a temperature converter from those formulae, for your (Type "A" personality QUICK) use. Though two of the five scales are not considered popular, there are still situations and applications that use them. The formulas can teach the process and the converter will make your life easier. There is a chart below the converter and formulae that displays at a glance the important ranges of each scale. Enjoy!

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