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A Point of Law on Taxation of Gold

• Lew Rockwell blog
It's impossible to use gold as money when it's taxed as a collectible. Does the Constitution implicitly forbid such a tax? I think such a case can be made under Article 1, Section 10:

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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This explains why many readers think Lew Rockwell. Blog stinks like rotten garbage!

When LRC farts in public, your nostrils suffer an invasion of foul air that smells so bad.

In this report, Lew Rockwell blog cites a point of LUNACY over the Federal Government’s taxation of gold and silver coin transactions. You sniff this PSYCHOSIS and you have a headache.

Here, LRC points out the power of the State to make gold and silver coin a legal tender under

Section 10 Art. 1 of the Constitution. Then it blindsides the public into believing that when the Federal Government tax gold and silver coin transactions, it is unconstitutional.

Nowhere in this provision does it say that the Federal Government cannot exercise its inherent power of taxation on gold and silver coin transactions. The "unconstitutionality" is all in the anti-Government imagination and evil intention of LRC.

This radical LRC blog strained itself to absurdity in interpreting the Constitution anyway they want, to inflame hatred of and foment distrust on the Federal Government.

Evil minds infecting and viciously running the LRC blog think of the American public like a bunch of mentally retarded Katzzingjamer kids they can fool around not just some time but all the time.

That’s why LRC finding a home in this website stinks!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Still assuming the government will respect the limits placed upon it by the CONstitution, eh?  How many times must you go down that road?