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As a reminder, there are no winners in a nuclear war. Now is definitely a time for prayer and fasting. Sept 3rd, 2012 – The American people will soon go to the polls to pretend to decide the next president of the United States. Recent estimates and reports indicate that the United States military, in particular the US naval capability, will be at its peak deployment capacity in September before elements are retired, phased out, or cut from the budget. If ever there were a time to launch an attack, it would be now, in September. If ever there were a time to prevent such an attack, it would be now—before the consequences of the November 6th election.

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Comment by Ed Price
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All right, all right. So, I was a little unclear in my, below, comment. Let me say it again.

If nobody ever kills anyone else again, or causes anyone to die accidentally, or starts a war wherein some people die, still, in the next 100 years there are going to be way more than 7.5 billion deaths from natural causes - old age if nothing else.

That's probably way more than all the people who have ever lived on the earth in all the thousands of years preceding 2012.

The focus of the video is way incomplete. While it might be a really good "sliver" of a focus, it detracts from the more important issue, that all the people are going to die anyway. Is there anything that we can do about the issue of DEATH in general? If so, WHAT?

Comment by Ed Price
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The focus of the 35-minute video is not wrong, necessarily. But it is far from complete. Here's why.

One hundred years seems like a long time, right? Keep this number in mind.

How many people are in the world today, 2012? Seems that it might be about 7.5 billion. If there is relative peace in the world from now on, and if the current technology of man in general does not expand much, how many of these people will be alive 100 years from now?

The point is, while nuclear destruction, worldwide, might be imminent, even if it NEVER happens, it seems that the destruction of life will continue on anyway.

The focus really needs to be in an area of terminating destruction of life altogether. Yet, it seems that the more we focus on such termination of destruction, some people take our advancements in that direction, and completely turn them around so that they are used to make ever more destruction of life.

So, why is it that man, with all of his inherent, naturally destructive nature, has not entirely destroyed himself from off the face of the globe already, as a race? Is it that man is too weak to do it? Is it that man is too stupid to do it? Are there influences from outside man that keep him from doing it? Is it possible that the spirits of ALL people who have already died are still wildly alive on some other plane of existence?

We really know so little of what we are really all about!