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First Audit Results In The Federal Reserve’s Nearly 100 Year History Posted

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What was the Fed hiding that made some so resistant to an audit of its secretive financial activities? The answer may surprise you... 

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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The "good" in the last line of the last paragraph of my comment below is a misprint. It shouldn't be there. This comment is only for those who understand Economics [Fiscal & Monetary policies of central banking.  

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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 Ron Paul and politicians from the "lunatic fringe" CANNOT audit the OPERATIONS of the Federal Reserves. No law will ever pass in Congress allowing this whim and caprice of publicity-seeking Politicians to happen.

And even dollar figures are shown, politicians won't understand the economic meaning of those central banking transactions under the Federal Reserves that relate to the “gray and pink” [“functions”] of the national economy, and the global economy

But the results of the so-called "audit" that Ron Paul and his kind are ignorant about will attract Politicians like how a can of worms attracts chickens in the yard. Politicians will confront each other with their own political interpretations of what the results of the so-called “federal audit” of the GAO means, and if they disagree, they will feed on each other’s ego like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

Imagine those sharks and the blood in the water …let’s just say that the water is dangerous good swimming.

Comment by Ana Panot
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Report from the "lunatic fringe".

If this report is worth the public's attention, the Main Stream Media would have published it all over the country. But MSM simply ignores followers of Ron Paul from the "lunatic fringe", and not bothered by their foolish yarns.

Comment by Tom Westbrook
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Pure Trust - It's not going to happen in the U.S. Congress. It will happen and is beginning to happen, however, in the republic.

Comment by Ed Price
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Read my comment, below. Then ask yourself, "Is this PureTrust joker actually turning into an empire builder?

Let me answer. No, I am not turning into an empire builder! I mean, how much more can a person LIVE HIS/HER LIFE even if he is the emperor of the whole world? No more at all! Even if you own the whole world, you lose it all when you die, and as owner, the responsibility is extremely great.

So, what is the reason for the empire building talk in the below comment? It is there to show people what has been going on, and to sell Americans on the idea that we can all work together and end the wicked, thieving, war mongering Federal Reserve Bank, that has been stealing from us all throughout our whole lives! And we can do it in such a way that we will get back a portion of the prosperity that they stole from us and from our parents and grandparents, etc..

Do you want justice from the wicked banking system that has been screwing you all your life? Read my below comment, and then get after your Congress people to END THE FED!!!

Comment by Ed Price
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Here's the really great part about all this. The Fed LOANED the $16 trillion ($16,000,000,000,000.00) to whomever they dispersed it to. What does this mean? This means that, at worst, the Fed printed the money for cents on the dollar, and then loaned it at face value. At best, they didn't even print the money, but simply made some entries in some ledgers... but they still loaned it at face value.

Why is this significant? Even though they loaned the money at 0% interest, whatever of it that they get back is virtually all profit, because it didn't cost them anything to "create" it!

But here is the BIGGEST benefit that the Fed gets. Since they handed out the money in the form of loans, they will receive nothing in return except that it is denominated in Federal Reserve Notes. This means that, since the money was dispersed throughout nations around the world, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that those nations will ever be able to gather it all back so that they can pay off their loans to the Fed in Federal Reserve Notes! The only way that they can pay off their debts to the Fed, is to borrow more from the Fed to make  payments on the first loans!

The vicious cycle has started. The Fed is taking up ownership of the whole world! They are screwing the whole world just like they have screwed the American people all these years by doing to Americans the exact thing that is said in the previous paragraph!

It is the duty of the United States Congress to not only end the Fed, but in the ending of it, to take up ownership of all the debt that the Fed has accumulated over the years, and disperse it to the American people, evenly, person by person. Doing this would effectively make the American people, personally, owners of pieces of the whole world!

Now, do you think that Congress has enough guts to do this? If Congress explained in detail to the American people what the Fed has been doing all this time - so that the people clearly understood - and then Congress ended the Fed in the way suggested in the previous paragraph, above, the people of America would back Congress WHOLEHEARTEDLY, IN EVERY WAY. Why? Because not only would Americans individually lose all their debt, not only would each and every one of us have money to burn, but we would each be holding ownership in a piece of the whole world. And with our military, there wouldn't be anyone in the world who could tell us any different.

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