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High Power Solar Panels - 100 Watts and Higher

 Note - few solar panels over 140 watts are available in 12 volt versions. Most are intended for grid-tie applications, with panel voltages between 22 and 75 volts. Not suitable for battery charging when used with a standard charge controller. You must use an MPPT charge controller such as the Midnite Solar Classic, Outback Power FM, Xantrex XW-SCC, or Morningstar MPPT.

** Note on connecting - All recent larger panels use the MC4 or similar latching cable connectors to meet UL/NEC standards. Some older panels use the obsolete non-latching. We have heard that some people are cutting off the MC connectors on panels to hard-wire them together - THIS WILL VOID THE WARRANTY! - You should be using MC extender cables and cutthat cable, not the cable attached to the solar panel.

**(PANELS WITH LATCHING CABLE CONNECTIONS ONLY) For more than 1 panel on a 12 Volt system you will probably need a latching MC extension cable (MC4) and branch connectors (PV-AZB4 and PV-AZS4) for parallel connections.

All solar panels 85 to 140 watts will be shipped individually to prevent damage during shipping.* All solar panels above 140 watts must be shipped freight as they are over-sized for UPS. Call us at (800) 383-0195 or email us for a shipping quote.