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How Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette Describes The Bin Laden Raid

•, Geoffrey Ingersoll
 What follows is my summary of the most critical 24 pages of the book, the part that covers the raid on Osama bin Laden.
There are a few details Bissonnette reveals here that I don't think anyone outside the president and his staff knew — and these are little hitches that would have made for a completely different mission.

Bissonnette describes how the SEALs broke up into four separate teams: two assault, and two Quick Reaction Force (QRF) teams that would remain on the periphery. I've heard these QRF guys called the "in-case-shit" teams, ready in case something out of the ordinary happens.

Matt talks about piling into the helicopters, or helos, and flying the 90 minutes out to bin Laden's residence. He actually 'dozes' off during the flight — which I'm sure people will find strange, but, operators have been known to be able to grab even a little bit of sleep at a time, in bizarre conditions.

The flight is filled with constant checking and rechecking of gear, especially the safeties on weapons.

Bissonnette notes, as they fly over Jalalabad, that it looks like "an American suburb."

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Unless he explains it by saying Bin laden was not there then fu%k him and his fairy tale.