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The end of the euro: When will it happen?

•, Tim Staermose

My 2-year old nephew in Australia loves getting postcards. He already associates me with frequent traveling. I’m referred to as “Tim Hong Kong jet plane.”

So before leaving Italy today, after a fantastic week in the Umbrian countryside with our Sovereign Man Total Access members, I set out to mail him some postcards. What I got, among other things, was a useful lesson in Italian bureaucracy.

In Hong Kong, on the rare occasion I need to mail a letter, I put a few coins in the vending machine on the outside wall of the post office. Space is a prized commodity that costs a lot of money in Hong Kong, so post offices are small and efficient.

Here in Rome, the main post office at Piazza San Silvestro is in a majestic old building with imposing architecture. There were acres of cavernous space inside that could have been much better used by high-end retail shops earning a profit. Instead it goes to Italy’s famously slow, inefficient, loss-making postal service.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Nobody at the Federal Reserve Bank is worried about the crash of the Euro. By the time that it crashes, all the Fed bailout loans will have been consolidated under the Fed umbrella, so that the loans are owed directly to the Fed. This consolidation, in turn, is all in preparation for the roll-out of the one-world currency. It will be interesting to see how the ruble, the yen and the wan are consolidated under the Fed umbrella on time for a near-future one-world-currency roll-out.

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