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New Study Further Supports Intuition

 The study, Stability of Pre-Stimulus Intuition Response: A Repeated Measures Study Using Electrophysical Instrumentation, utilized the experimental Roulette Protocol, a computer-controlled gambling experiment designed by McCraty and IHM’s Mike Atkinson. Thirteen people participated in multiple gambling sessions over a two-month period for this research, which was conducted at the Research Center in the fall and winter of 2006 and analyzed in spring 2010.

"The results of the analysis of all participants across all sessions and trials are strong and provide compelling evidence of nonlocal intuition," McCraty wrote in a report on the study, which he conducted along with Atkinson and IHM’s Jackie Waterman.

"The significant differences between the win and loss response in the aggregated physiological data during both pre-stimulus segments appear valid and robust, as confirmed by the random permutation analysis, which, is a conservative statistical procedure," the report notes.
"Participants were told that they were participating in a gambling experiment and they were encouraged to win as much as possible over the course of 26 trials," McCraty said.

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