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Obama To Soldiers Overseas: No Voting For You!

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Military: The administration thanks the troops for their service by failing to comply with a law requiring that it help soldiers deployed overseas cast ballots in their home states.

The administration has taken various states to court to block voter ID laws on the grounds it will disenfranchise voters. But it has no qualms about the disenfranchisement of military voters overseas through its failure to comply with and enforce the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act, passed by Congress in 2009 and signed into law by President Barack Obama.

The law acknowledges the difficulties caused by time and distance for deployed soldiers in exercising the right to vote they put their lives on the line to protect. One of the key provisions required each military branch to create an installation voting assistance office (IVAO) for every military base outside an immediate combat zone.

Last week, however, the Pentagon's inspector general reported that attempts to locate and contact IVAO offices at overseas military installations failed about half the time.

"Results were clear. Our attempts to contact IVAOs failed about 50% of the time," the inspector general reported. "We concluded the Services had not established all the IVAOs as intended by the MOVE Act because, among other issues, the funding was not available."


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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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So what? Those strangely raised Americans will line up at the recruiters as fast as they can.Their parents won`t teach them,and nether will our schools.The have No Idea of what Patriotism is,and would not know it if it were on their diner plate. The problems with America,are the Americans...what`s left of them anyway....Seen a Mexican,or,a Muslim lately?  Hell Yes you have.

Comment by Temper Bay
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 Obama To Soldiers Overseas: No Voting For You!

Ok, then no fighting for you!

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