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DOJ gives ATF orders to commit civil forfeiture against medical marijuana gun owners

• Washington Times
While the profit motive police model has been one the feds have slowly been getting away from since the late 90's due to the inherent abuse and corruption it breeds and rights it violates,...The DOJ has not decided the already regressive BATF  shall become officially devolve even more quickly and completely, a big giant green light for them to now seize guns in civil forfeiture cases wherever drug abuse by the owner is merely suspected. No charges necessary, no due process.
While the latest directive does not come out and say it, this is an obvious attempt at a ham-fisted solution to states' rights medical marijuana issue. While many states have said it is ok for citizens to possess weed, the feds have been trying to dissuade the practice by  seeking to revoke concealed carry permits and other civil rights related to gun possession by those who seek medical marjiuana status. But this has turned out to be more effort than the feds have been prepared for, and costly. In short, there are just too many damned people to prosecute, most of whom fight and don't just roll over, for the courts to handle the work load.

So, their answer to that logistical problem is to just dispense with due process, making everything much easier, cheaper and less time-consuming.

Since medical marijuana users are required to have a state license, they are listed in a handy database. Holders of CCW cards as well, are also databased, making the two lists easily cross-referenced. Hitler would have been impressed. Soon, anyone who appears on both lists will be getting their doors kicked in. But is that all? What if you are an activist who fights for and promotes medical marijuana or ending the War on Drugs? To law enforcement, is that likely to be interpreted that you must also be a user of such substances? (Remember, SUSPICION is all that is required.) Might gun owners who have fought to end the Drug War end up getting raided. ATF's history as a dangerous rogue agency suggests that is a valid worry.

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Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

I saw an ad for a blue car for sale. So, I contacted the owner to confirm. He said, yes, his blue car was for sale, and told me how much.

We agreed on a price, I paid him, and he handed over the keys. He said, "It's on my lot over on 5th Street." So, I went to get my car. But when I got there, the key wouldn't fit in the lock!

When all was said and done, we figured out that he had two blue cars, and I was trying to buy the one that was NOT for sale, while he thought that I was after the one that WAS for sale.


It's a little like this with relationships between people and Government. We all accept Government, sight unseen. And then when things are not what they seemed to be - the keys don't fit the lock - we wonder what happened. Some of the biggest offenders in the "wonder what's wrong" game, are people in Government.

When you buy a car, color might be the first thing that you look at. But if it is the ONLY thing that you look at, you're close to being a fool.

Same with Government. If the only thing you look at is the color - the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and all those wonderful buildings in Washington, D.C. - you might be trying to buy the WRONG "blue" car. AND IT JUST MIGHT BE THAT SOMEBODY IS TRYING TO SELL YOU THE WRONG BLUE CAR INTENTIONALLY.

If you are a Government official inside Government, and you are NOT doing the things that the foundational rules of Government say that you are supposed to be doing, you better watch out. The people around you are watching. and they are seeing that you are disobeying the basic principles of everything you were called to do.

The right to bear arms is basic, just as private property is basic. The war against bigger, more powerful guns for the people, is something that should be going the other way. People should encourage each other to have all the arms that they want, of every size, color, kind, model, and brand... right along with grenades, rocket launchers, bazookas and everything else... including silencers. And they should aggressively use these arms to protect their right to private property, i.e., smoking all the pot that they want on their own private property.

Oh, no, you say. I don't trust my neighbor to have all that armament. Well, do you trust the police to have it? Of course I do! What a silly question. The police are so sweet and nice. They would never hurt a fly. They only help people. In fact, I don't understand why the police have all those big guns. They are such wonderful people. They would never use them. In fact, the only time they would ever use them is to take guns away from people trying to exercise their own rights on their own private property.

Government and police are starting to use methods to predict whether or not a person is going to commit a crime ahead of the time that he does it. They are starting to use such things in subtle ways. Well guess what. We don't need all kinds of predictive methods to see that Government and the police are going to commit crimes. All we need to do is look at foundational law, and compare it with all the rest of the enacted laws and the things that police and Government DO ALL THE TIME.

We can see that Government has been twisting its way around to make it look like, laws against people doing what they want on their own private property, are a good and legal thing. And they have been enacting and sanctioning these false laws against the foundational laws of the country. The police show that they agree with Government's false enactments by using their armaments to force people into complicity. And the media tries to make you think that most people in the country want all this restraint against their personal rights to bear arms and act freely on their own private property with regard to marijuana.

Wake up! You are trying to buy the wrong blue car. And Government is trying to sell it to you. And if you are a Government person, the big shots in Government are trying to sell it to you all the harder.

This blue car is one that is totally against the foundational laws of the country. It's time to get these law-breaker law makers out of Government, and probably in prison.

The answer is, at little local levels, get into Government, and make changes now, while you still have some semblance of freedom left.

Oh, by the way. If you are afraid of your neighbor having big guns, maybe you should make friends with him right now, while you have a chance. Why? 'Cause laws against weapons are not effective against PEOPLE. The only time you will be safe from ALL people is when everyone is in a straight jacket.

You could always move to Alaska or Montana, or even Canada. Lots of areas without people around there.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
Entered on:

So what? These evil Agents do not have Human,or,American families..the belong to Barry,and Eric.They will do ANYTHING they are told to do....ANYTHING! They will KILL YOU if told to.I pray these common Demons do not have children.

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