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Today on - Monday September 10th 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012
Secret Police Murder and Cover-Up
Jesse Trentadue on OKC, false flags, and the death of his brother.
The Anarcho-Jesuit
David Gordon remembers his late friend.
It's a Fight for Civilization
Gary North on gold bugs vs. anti-gold bugs.
State 'Justice'?
We need private justice. Andrew Napolitano is interviewed by Anthony Wile.
What Does It Mean To Be a Slave?
Eric Peters on obedience on the big plantation, "our country."
As the Economy Slides Down a Hole
The government tells more whoppers. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.
A Glimpse of the Secret Obama
It's visible in the film "2016," says Bill Sardi.
Hit Me, Hit Me, Says the DNC
As a foreign government cracks the whip. Article by Justin Raimondo.
Your Money and the Government Rathole
Bill Anderson on the swindle.
Are You a Christian Nonvoter?
Let's hope so, says Jim Fedako.
Locked and Loaded
Smith & Wesson booms as Americans prepare for what's ahead, says Mac Slavo.
The Symbol of Wealth, Power, and Love
The Visual Capitalist on the demand for gold.

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