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GoDaddy sites go offline; Anonymous member claims responsibility

• AZ Family TV-3 (BELO)

GoDaddy confirmed via tweet that it is working to clear up an issue that took many of its sites offline Monday.

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Comment by David McElroy
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 Hey, Powell Gammill!  I just want to second Pure Trust's suggestion that your platform as a candidate include returning federally confiscated lands, forests, etc., to the people thru generous homesteading programs. Hopefully people receiving such homestead lands would receive allodial titles rather than warranty deeds, and rights to water found on their plots. The federal thieves claim they cannot pay Social Security, pensions, or Medicare benefits people paid for over many years. I suggest we the people seize federally held real estate to distribute to those who are willing and able to homestead undeveloped land, and seize government held stocks and bonds to pay the elderly and handicapped no longer able to work. And, of course, there are other assets, often sold as surplus, including buildings, ships, boats & barges, planes and helicopters, heavy machinery and tools, trucks and tractors, various and sundry equipment and commodities that could be taken and assigned to satisfy debts to individuals. I would not recommend the auction process, because it is usually the wealthy sorts that caused our debt crisis that buy up taxpayer purchased goods at pennies on the dollar. Just distribute the feds' stolen loot directly to the most maligned creditors, WE THE PEOPLE!

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

It might, it might indeed.

Of course updating it from 2006 might be a good idea too. ;-)  Just been lazy.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Hi, Powell. Just wondering. Would opening up national forest and wilderness lands, and State trust lands, to homesteading be a beneficial point to add to your "My Plan" page?

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Whoo-Hoo!  My site, GammillForCongress has been taken out by Anonymous---I'm sooooo proud.

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