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The continuing political sucker-game

• Glenn Jacobs, Letter to Editor

Fred and Sam (NOTE: The names have been changed to protect the guilty) found it boring to sit around keeping track of their millions and billions of dollars — so they decided to buy the White House. They didn’t want to go to all the trouble of starting new political parties, so they went out and bought a couple. They kept all the same names, slogans, logos and literature so that very few voters were any the wiser.

One of their difficulties was getting suitable presidential candidates. They searched “by sea and by land” for men with neither courage nor compassion — but with the looks and speaking ability to charm dozens of millions of voters. (“Now, sincerity is the key to this whole thing. Once you can fake that ...”) Their plan required TWO bad candidates for each office, and it didn’t make any difference to them which one of them got elected.

Men who would run against their hand-picked toadies mysteriously died in plane crashes, car wrecks, mental hospitals and falls from high windows. (You know. Soap opera stuff.)

As an election approached, Fred’s and Sam’s candidates would each condemn the other. Each would point out the character flaws and bad track-record of the other. Come Election Day, we all knew that two totally dishonorable, despicable, evil characters were running against each other for each office — one from each of Fred’s and Sam’s parties.


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Comment by Barry Hess
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Brilliant, Mr. Jacobs. Your point(s) is/are well-taken. You've managed to put in clear and simple terms exactly what is happening in American politics, and you went for the root--which is smart. What at least one of the commenters doesn't grasp is that voting for ANY Republican or Democrat is to vote for the other. They have no idea how to function outside the box they have in their heads where they've been trained to try to replace the guy who is doing exactly what the guy before him did, with a guy who will do exactly what the guy before him did. What did Einstein say about expecting a different result? Someone who doesn't listen is no better off than someone who can't hear. As always, I remain at your service-- Walker Geist  

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