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Endless Robotic War

• Jamal Kanj , Foreign Policy Journal

On the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a new “sanitized war” is reshaping America’s Military Industrial Complex’s future.

The drone war, or the new robotic war, is operated by a galaxy of military bases stretching from Creech Air Force Base in the desert of Nevada, traversing through the CIA headquarter in Langley, Virginia, before landing on new desert airstrips in the Middle East.

The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) main mission is tracking and target killing alleged terrorists.

Earlier this month, a drone using the newly introduced, more accurate, Small Smart Weapon or Scorpion missile delivered a direct hit, by mistake, killing 13 family members near the town of Rada, Yemen.

Following the raid, Yemeni activist Nasr Abdulla said, “I would not be surprised if a hundred tribesmen joined the lines of al Qaeda … This part of Yemen takes revenge very seriously.”

Last May, a Yemeni government official told the Washington Post, “There is a psychological acceptance of al Qaida because of US strikes.”

In modern history, no military power was able to unequivocally win a guerilla war. The hardest fought battle is for the hearts and minds of the average person; America is squarely losing this war. The drones’ killing of innocent bystanders, by mistake or utter recklessness, breeds resentments and new al Qaida recruits.


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