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"an E-Cat revolution is not far away"

(E-Cat is short for the term “energy catalyzer” and is a device in which hydrogen gas, powdered nickel metal, and an undisclosed proprietary catalyst are combined to produce a large amount of heat through a little understood low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) process inside a specially designed chamber. The inner workings of the reactor are covered by a trade secret which Rossi consistently refuses to discuss.

In this process, when an external heat source is applied (Electric or fossil) it is claimed that the nucleus of a hydrogen atom, a proton, penetrates a nickel nucleus and in doing so a nickel atom becomes a copper atom, and releases gamma rays creating a large amount of thermal energy. From reports of tests, it appears that the reaction begins when the reactor is heated to around 60 degrees Celsius, and once the reaction is stable, the external heat can be turned off and the reaction can continue for a considerable length of time. In an October 6th test in Bologna, Italy, the E-Cat ran without external heat (referred to as ‘self-sustain mode) for almost four hours, maintaining a constant temperature and boiling water continuously.)


There have been all kinds of opinions set forward on the Internet regarding Andrea Rossi’e E-Cat. Many thoughtful and reasonable comments have been made here and elsewhere expressing doubt about Andrea Rossi’s claims. There have also been less tactful ones. I think I understand people’s wariness and doubtfulness. There are many good reasons not to trust people just because they make an extraordinary claim, and history teaches us that many of the most exciting and tantalizing pronouncements about miraculous breakthroughs have turned out to be empty words intended to deceive and defraud.

So it is no wonder that there is for some skepticism about Rossi and his claims. I was quite skeptical too when I first heard about Rossi and the E-Cat, but over time I have climbed off the fence and stepped firmly on to the believer’s side, and here are some of the reasons why.

1. Sergio Focardi. His statements about what he learned and witnessed during his work with Rossi are very forthright and unequivocal. He has stated that he believes that we are a the dawn of a new age of energy production based on Rossi’s invention.

2. Guiseppe Levi. His statements about what he has measured in testing done on the E-Cat are similar to Focardi’s.

3. Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen. These respected Swedish scientists were able to participate in testing of the E-Cat and both have gone on record stating they could find no other explanation for the energy production they witnessed other than a new kind of nuclear reaction.

I am sure that all of these established academics are not part of any grand conspiracy to trick the world into thinking that Rossi has come up with a new form of energy when they know he hasn’t — and based on the closeness of their work with Rossi (especially Focardi, who worked with Rossi over a long period of time) I don’t see any way that Rossi could have hoodwinked these professors with some kind of rigged machine.

4. The October 6th test in which the E-Cat self sustained for almost 5 hours and heated water a constant temperature without any energy input. Again, I don’t believe that Rossi would have been able to have faked this demonstration.

5. Andrea Rossi himself. I find his words and actions convincing. The way he his going about his business seems rational given the circumstances and, most interesting, there doesn’t seem to be anything going on at the moment that resembles a scam. There has been no appeal for the public to send him money — and no one has come forward and said that Rossi has tried to defraud them. Some people might think that he is simply insane and delusional, but I go back to the involvement of the professors — if Rossi was insane, it would not have taken long for these men to realize it, and they certainly wouldn’t have stepped forward publicly to identify themselves professionally with such a person.

6. National Instruments have verified that Andrea Rossi’s account of their relationship is an accurate one. Rossi said they had worked together and that NI had been very helpful in providing advice, even though Leonardo Corp ultimately decided to work with another company.

7. Professor Roland Pettersson, retired associate professor of chemistry at Uppsala University in Sweden has commented positively on two E-Cat demonstrations he has witnessed. He was present at the October 6th demo in Bologna, and more recently attended a private demonstration on February 20th in Bologna. NyTeknik reports that Pettersson said he saw the recently upgraded 1 MW plant and a prototype of the domestic E-Cat.

I don’t doubt that there are still problems to be overcome with regards to engineering and commercialization. This ‘new fire’ could be hard to tame, and Rossi has set a very ambitious timetable for starting the sale of home-based E-Cats (Autumn of this year). I wouldn’t be surprised if that date was pushed back given all the logistics involved in putting a production network together. I think it’s also possible that political and legal barriers may put in place to slow down a revolution, but it will be very hard to keep a technology as powerful this from breaking through.

I believe that Rossi has made a very important discovery that will eventually lead to far more advanced and cost effective energy production than we now know. Rossi seems to realize this too, and is doing all in his power to bring his invention to light, including keeping the cost as low as possible so everyone will be able to afford it. As he says, “This will be a revolution, and, as I said already, a revolution must be popular to survive.”

Is there a chance that I am wrong in my conclusions? Of course — I’m certainly not infallible. But I have tried to be as logical and reasonable about this case as I can be, and from every way I look at things, I believe that an E-Cat revolution is not far away.

Frank Acland


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