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Ron Paul's "We are the Future Rally" unlike any other political event

 Everyone knows what to expect from a political rally. Speakers recite the party line on various subjects. The audience already agrees with them and knows what they are going to say. The crowd cheers. The opposition is trashed. The crowd cheers again. The keynote speaker is introduced. Standing ovation. More talking points.

Ron Paul’s “We Are the Future Rally” couldn’t have resembled that model less. Rather than politics, the entire program focused on ideas.

His first three speakers were libertarian philosophers Lew Rockwell, Walter Block and Butler Shaffer. There were no talking points. Instead, attendees were treated to intellectual arguments for individual liberty from three of the most powerful libertarian thinkers alive.

Not everyone agreed, either. Block’s controversial argument for a new libertarian stance on abortion actually drew boos. Block argued that a woman has a property right in her body and thus can evict a “trespassing” fetus from her womb, but does not have a right to take the fetus’ life. Block claimed that this was possible now during the third trimester of pregnancy and that as the science advanced, it would be possible earlier and earlier.

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Comment by Ed Price
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If there is anything that will destroy libertarianism, it is the breaking of trust agreements. Here's what I mean.

ALL Government operates through TRUST. In fact, all life operates through trust.

Since nobody knows for sure what a Government official will do in office, we have to TRUST that he will do what he says, and not wind up being a liar. In fact, one of the BIGGEST failures of the Constitution and the people is that we haven't set strong enough safe-guards in place to "spank" Government officials when they break the public trust.

Look at Obama's presidential platform last election. Possibly the strongest platform point was that he would get us out of Iraq in short order. In addition, if it wasn't said clearly, it was also implied that he would keep us out of more wars. People trusted Obama. Was he trustworthy? Did he do what he said that he would do?

You judge for yourself. But in making your judgement, consider that he knew all along that he wasn't qualified to be President. Yet he continued to run for office, and accepted the job when it was offered to him. Is he trustworthy now? (See:

What does this have to do with libertarian trust? Here's what. The most important trust in the world is the trust that a fetus (or embryo) has in its mother. When mother-to-be and father-to-be enjoy themselves by having sexual relations, they are placing themselves in a position where they might become trusted by an embryo which will turn into a fetus which is, already, a human being.

If the parents-to-be intentionally cause any conception to die, they have become killers of a human being who is trusting them. If libertarians can't understand this about trust, their whole campaign and platform of trust is riddled with holes that are just as big as that of any other campaign and platform. They will fail.

Comment by Steve Duncan
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In the science of the mind that I professionalize in practice, POLITICAL IDOLATRY is a function of low testosterone among men and high estrogen among women that impair better judgment resulting almost in insanity or at least resulting in a very disturbed personality. Studies reveal that idolizing a political figure like Ron Paul is one of the examples of such hormonal disturbances.

Those hormonal malfunctions are caused by burned out passion for a higher pursuit of idealism such as liberty and freedom that Ron Paul is apparently showing. At the same time there is this burning out of great amount of energy expended in extreme hatred and contempt of what is imagined as an authoritarian State and Government [The Evil Empire] that suppressed liberty and freedom.

This gnawing frustration of not being able to bring down the Government by badmouthing its existence to death lowers tremendously the level of testosterone.

Let’s put it this way for the easy understanding of the layman: This idolatry develops in the mind of the hormonally impaired idealists in Cloud Nine, like a bubble to a certain point where sooner or later it bursts, like what happens to Ron Paul who drops out [dropping out] of politics as just recently announced.

Now that the bubble is gone, Ernie is partly right and partly wrong. The struggle should be outside of politics … right. What happened to Ron Paul was not the cause but “the effect of a shifting Culture towards support of Liberty... not the source of it …”

This is NOT necessarily right.

It is not just “support of Liberty” but support of the RIGHT KIND of liberty and freedom. IF it is the kind of “liberty” and “freedom” that Ron Paul supports or espoused, back to the lowering of the level of testosterone – back to square one.

Think about it --“WE ARE THE FUTURE RALLY” is the slogan of liberty-freedom-hugging Libertarians in the Republican Party who do not want Republicans to be in power because of their “Reaganistic” control of liberty and freedom as opposed to the Libertarians’ anarchy of freedom that includes the liberty and freedom of terrorists to do whatever they want.

With President Obama or President Romney in control of their presidential regulatory power, this anarchist Libertarian rally has NO future whatsoever – there is nothing to hope for …Nada … ZERO!

Comment by Ed Price
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See my 2012-09-13 06:37:29 comment at

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