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'Nuclear time bomb:' Downed K-27 submarine must be lifted out


A Soviet K-27 submarine suffered a nuclear accident before being dumped at the bottom of the Kara Sea 30 years ago. Russia may now have to lift the sub from dangerously shallow waters – before an “uncontrolled chain reaction” causes fatal damage.

“Radiation leakages will come sooner or later if we just leave the K-27 there. The sub has already been on the seafloor for 30 years, and it was rusty even before it was sunken. Leakages of radioactivity under water are nearly impossible to clean up,” Thomas Nilsen, a nuclear safety expert who has extensively mapped radioactive waste on the Arctic seabed, told RT.

Equipped with an experimental liquid-coolant nuclear engine, the K-27 was ill-fated from its launch in 1962. It made only three voyages, the last of which, in 1968, ended in tragedy.

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Comment by Temper Bay
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Everybody's got their problems - that nobody wants to take care of.    The Russians have their K-27 and we have a nuclear bomb we droped and lost in the shallows off the coast of Georgia.   One day it will be bad luck for the Russians and another day will be bad luck for the citizens of Georgia - and both Governments will throws up their hands in dispare, beat their breasts in sorrow, cry great tears, and rush to write laws and rules to make sure it never happens again - but admit no wrong doing.

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