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The Drums Of War

 Perhaps we should take this morning and reflect a bit on where we are, where we're headed in this regard, and why the policies and positions taken by our current administration, along with the ham-handed garbage coming from the Romney campaign, are so dangerous both to us and on a global scale.

I presume that we all know that we were "sponsors" of the "Arab Spring", right? After years of funding and protecting the murderous bastard Hosni Mubarak we suddenly "decided" that we'd go along with a civilian uprising protesting (and reasonably so!) his behavior.

Ordinarily this would be an easy sale; after all, freedom is a good thing, right?

There's only one problem -- we had been funding and arming this thug for decades. When the crowd got a bit rowdy, as a consequence, the tear gas cannisters that started flying had Made In The USA emblazoned on their sides. This didn't do anything for our international standing among these people, as you might imagine.

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