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Set up your kids for life

•, Simon Black

There are many countries, particularly in the western hemisphere, which grant citizenship to all children born within its borders, regardless of the nationality or immigration status of the parents. The legal term is called jus soli, which differs from jus sanguinis, or citizenship by blood/ancestry.

The United States and Canada are two such countries. You are probably familiar with stories of migrants from Guatemala and Mexico who trek across the desert in hopes of surreptitiously crossing the border and having their child on US soil for this reason.

Ironically, if I were expecting, I would probably be heading the other direction across the border to have my kid in Mexico or Guatemala.

Why does it matter? Why consider subjecting your precious cargo to a trip overseas?

Because it’s one of the best ways you can give your unborn child several built-in advantages for his/her entire life.

S/he will be born with 2 passports– yours, and the country s/he is born in; furthermore, the “Place of Birth” field on both passports will list a foreign country, so other people will not automatically assume that your child is from the US or Canada. 

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