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Interim RuSA "President" Tim Turner Arrested for "conspiracy to defraud the United St

Washington (CNN) -- A well known leader of an "anti-government" "sovereign citizens" group was indicted Tuesday in Montgomery, Alabama, for tax crimes, the Justice Department announced.

A 10-count indictment charges James Timothy Turner with conspiracy to defraud the United States, attempting to pay taxes with fictitious financial instruments, attempting to obstruct the Internal Revenue Service, failure to file federal tax returns and giving false testimony in a bankruptcy proceeding.

The government says Turner, the self-proclaimed president of a sovereign-citizens group called Republic for the united States of America, was arrested Tuesday and had a brief court appearance. Turner will remain in jail pending a Monday detention hearing, according to a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Alabama.

According to the indictment, Turner allegedly tried to pay his 2008 taxes with a $300 million "fake" bond and assisted others trying to pay taxes with up to $100 billion dollars in "fraudulent" bonds. Prosecutors also said Turner gave seminars teaching others how to "defraud" the IRS and to file retaliatory liens against government officials.

The taxes charges brought against Turner carry a maximum of 164 years in prison as well as large financial penalties if he is convicted.

CNN was not able to identify a lawyer representing Turner.


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Comment by John Stuart
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Tim Turner has never been anything more than a pschycopathic sociopath, like Hitler only without the intelligence or the testicles. Turner always knew his idea's were insane he just didn't care. As long as there are people stupid enough to follow evil freaks like Turner we are all screwed. His followers better wake up soon. Turner is a coward and will sell out his followers to the feds just like he sold his soul to Satan. I have spent years warning people about Turner and some listened, some didn't Those that did have thanked me. Those that didn't are about to find out how much of a coward Turner really is.

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