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Will the 2012 Presidential Election Be Stolen?

•, By David Swanson
 Why would I even ask that question? I’ve been trying (with virtually no success) to get everyone to drop the election obsession and focus on activism designed around policy changes, not personality changes. I want those policy changes to include stripping presidents of imperial powers. I don’t see as much difference between the two available choices as most people; I see each as a different shade of disaster. I don’t get distressed by the thought of people “spoiling” an election by voting for a legitimately good candidate like Jill Stein. Besides, won’t Romney lose by a landslide if he doesn’t tape his mouth shut during the coming weeks? And yet . . .

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Comment by F. Swemson
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This article is an excellent example of the strategy of the far left progressives & globalists. Just before they get ready to do something really dishonest & corrupt, they accuse their opposition of doing exactly what they're planning to do themselves.

The history of election theft and voter fraud in America is almost exclusively about the Democratic Party. The Democratic party, the party of the lawyers, is also the party of election fraud, not the Republicans. Obama cheated Hillary out of the nomination in 08', just as Clinton cheated Bush Sr. out of the election in 92'. It goes back to LBJ's first election to Congress, when he got more votes in one Texas county than  there were registered voters. I'm sure it goes back further than that.

The blatant way in which the Democrats are fighting against any form of voter ID requirements is probably the most obvious example of this. But the far left has become especially dishonest of late. The "Secretary of State Project" financed by George Soros is a prime example of how sophisticated their election fraud has become. 

Don't be fooled by the left's lies. I know that Romney is at most the lesser of the 2 evils, but the republicans are FAR less dangerous to America than democrats right now.

Atlas is shrugging folks!




Comment by Powell Gammill
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It already was at the GOP CONvention.  Now, it matters not who gets elected the plan will move forward.

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