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Afghan Judicial Panel Refuses To Accept Indefinite Detention Law...

 In the last decade, the United States has increasingly become a symbol of hypocrisy as a nation that has violated many international principles that it helped create after 9-11. That record was reinforced this week after the Afghan government (not exactly the paragon of civil liberties) refused to adopt indefinite detention rules pushed by the Obama Administration. Of course, President Obama has continued the indefinite detention of the Bush Administration and the operation of the Guantanamo Bay facility over the objections of civil libertarians. We recently saw the death of a detainee who was found years ago not to be a national security risk and never proven to be guilty of a single crime. Yet, in its effort to create a “new Democracy” in the Afghanistan, the Obama Administration was insisting that it replicate our own indefinite detention rules. In the meantime, a federal court has stayed a prior court order that enjoined the provision on indefinite detention under the Obama Administration’s 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.

A judicial panel ruled that administrative detention runs counter to the country’s laws. Yet the Obama Administration said that unless the country adopted this authoritarian measure, it may not turn over prisoners to Afghan officials. We are still holding more than 600 Afghans.

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Comment by Ed Price
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After the end of WWI, the Russian people, and particularly the soldiers, were sick and tired of all the failed fighting that the Russian Czar Government of the time had done. The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 had success because simply because the people were sick of fighting.

Then Stalin took over in the late 1920s, and the peoples' worst fears were realized. Stalin turned the Russian Union into the worst "kill and be killed" machine that the world has ever known.

To this day, most Americans don't realize, that throughout the cold war with Russia, right down to the fall of the Soviet Union in the end of 1991, multitudes of Russian people were secretly in favor of the Soviet fall and victory for the United States and Western Europe. Many were praying for this to happen for decades, ever since Stalin took over. Ayn Rand was part of the large, scattered group of Russian people who were against their own government, the Soviet Union.

Gradually, over decades, perhaps beginning with the rise of the Federal Reserve Bank, the United States has been turning into a communistic, socialist country, like the Bolsheviks of Russia. Obama may not be to the point of Stalin, yet, but if he wins a second term in office, he may become such.

The U.S. is coming full circle. And the circle is that of being oppressed to freedom and back to being oppressed. The circle is like fighting and winning against communistic socialism, and then starting to become it. And not only that, part of our oppression is that we are slyly being forced to spread the oppression that we are falling into (even though we disavow doing so), against all kinds of foreign nations.

The people of America are starting to wake up. It is a slow rousing from slumber. There are many who don't want to accept the obvious evidence of what is happening.

Are we going to wake up in time? Or are we going to allow our Government to go the way of a Stalinist type of Russia? Are we going to fall under the oppression of a Soviet style of Government? Will we be the ones who will finally be hoping and praying for relief like multitudes of Russian people from the early '30s right down to the Soviet end in 1991?

Wake up, Americans. Smell the coffee and see the light, and take a look at what is going on in you country! If you don't wake up to the coming oppression, you will wake up inside that oppression one day! And it might be sooner than you think!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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They won't?  Have they no sense of Western justice?!  Let's drone the shit out of them some more and fix that thinking. It is a tenet of our esteemed justice system that whenever we have no evidence we can imprison someone forever until we do.  Says so somewhere in our CONstitution....or likely the Bill of Rights.  ;-)

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