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Comment on the TSA Body Scanners

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The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has illegally, and in violation of court order, denied all of us an opportunity to publicly comment prior to their adoption of x-ray and millimeter wave body scanners at airport checkpoints nationwide. Read this Wired article for more information.

The TSA doesn’t want to hear or respond to our concerns about the health, privacy or security implications of their decision to use body scanning technology in American airports. But consumer advocate We Won’t Fly does. And we will make sure your comments are delivered to TSA administrator John Pistole and the media.

Please leave your comment below.

Privacy Notice: By posting here, you acknowledge that your comments will be delivered to the US Dept of Homeland Security and released to the public in a machine-readable format (XML). We will remove your name, email address and IP address before doing this. Of course, your comments (and identifying information you provide) will be available in real-time to the world here on indefinitely.


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Comment by Ed Price
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Google: "personal hovercraft." Then Google all kinds of word combinations that include "hovercraft."

One of these days people won't be depending on mass-transit airlines. One of these days people won't even be dependent on private airplanes if they want to bypass public airlines. People WILL have their own flying cars in their home garages.

Can't wait until the sky is full of stop-signs and yield-signs all over the place. Might even reflect enough of the sunlight that it will stop global warming.

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