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Hillary Clinton: Raise Taxes On The Rich EVERYWHERE

•, John Carney
 Sure, there used to be some homage paid to the notion that "politics stops at the water's edge," but that hasn't really been true for generations. Particularly if you are out to improve the world, you are going to wind up exporting your own ideas about world improvement.

 Free-market types will urge freer markets, even when these take the form of the kind of corrupt privatization that gave rise to Russia's oligarchs. And the Obama administration, well, it thinks the wealthy need to be taxed more — everywhere.

 "One of the issues that I have been preaching about around the world is collecting taxes in an equitable manner — especially from the elites in every country," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in her speech at the Clinton Global Initiative Monday.

 Although Clinton noted that she is "out of politics" domestically, the audience was already chuckling at her clear reference to the debate over tax policy in the presidential contest.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Raising taxes on the rich everywhere is the exactly right thing to do. It is, also, virtually the ONLY thing that Government CAN do as long as Government wants to continue working with the world banking system. Why?

Lowering taxes would stimulate the economy. The rich (who run the businesses), out of competition minded tactics, would reduce prices on everything just to compete with other business. Normally, this would be good. But it wouldn't be good for the world banking system, because they have so extremely over-extended themselves, that there would be no way for them to collect enough money to operate in the corner they have pained themselves into.

In addition, with the technologically minded people of the 21st century, people are gradually working their way out from under both the banks and the governments, with new applications of electronics, and such things as Bitcoin and worldwide Internet communications. The banks can't stop the Internet or communications, because they would destroy their own communications infrastructure in the process.

Giving people the illusion of freedom is simply not working like it used to. People are seeing through the lies of both the big banking system, and also the lies of Government. The banks and the governments will fail. But the only option that they have is to attempt to take more control. And one of the basic ways to control more is to constantly raise taxes. It will destroy them, of course. But they will die, anyway, from people exercising freedom, if they don't raise taxes.

Remember, the taxes that the rich have to pay, they extend to you at the places where you purchase your products. You ultimately pay the taxes of the rich when you buy products that have mysteriously increased in price for no understandable reason.

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