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US Veto Power Used to Serve Israeli Interests

• Press TV
A prominent political analyst says that the United States uses its veto power in the United Nations Security Council to protect Israel, Press TV reports. During an interview with Press TV, Professor at the Notre Dame University, Eugene Dabbous criticized the flawed structure of the UNSC, saying the US is “using its veto to protect Israel”. Although the United Nations has more than 190 member states, only five permanent members, Russia, China, France, the UK, and the US enjoy veto power. Dabbous questioned democracy within the UNSC, where some nations do not have permanent seats and a few others have the power to prevent the adoption of resolutions. “Today the UN Security Council does not reflect the reality. Countries like Germany and Japan as well as India deserve a seat. Deserve rights similar to the Americans or the Russians. There is no reason why two members of the EU should have veto power and countries like India or Brazil don’t have permanent seats,” he argu

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Comment by Leslie Fish
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Well, it's better than serving the interests of the Arabs!  In all the middle-east, what country has been our longest and steadiest ally?  Hint: it's not Saudi Arabia, for all the $ billions we've shoveled into it.  The loyalties of the Arab nations have been -- for thousands of years -- as shifty as the sands they're built on.  The only thing the Arab countries have ever had to offer us was oil, and we seriously need to shift away from that.

If you'll study the real history of the area, not the shameless propaganda the Arabs and their apologists write, you'll see that those wonderfully-passionate claims the Arabs make against Israel, and against us, are garbage.  For example, if they didn't want us to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, they shouldn't have given so much blatant support to Arab terrorists who attacked us.  For another, if they didn't want the Israeli air force to bomb targeted sites in Gaza, they shouldn't have fired over 6000 rockets into Israel from those sites.  For a third, if they didn't want to live next door to Jews, they should have stayed out of Israel/Palestine/Canaan altogether, because Jews have been living there continuously for the last 3500 years.  For a fourth, if Achmedinejihad was really developing nukes for nothing but electric power generation, he would have ordered Thorium reactors -- which really do provide safe and cheap nuclear power, but can't produce bomb-quality fissionable material.

 On the other hand, Israel has stood by the US continuously, despite the shabby way that oil-funded American presidents have treated it.  The problem with the US "serving Israel interests" in the UN is that we're not doing enough of it.  We're well past the point where we should have learned the truth of the old saying "Please all and you please none", and firmly taken sides -- with the side that works in our best interest.

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