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Internet Explorer 10 Tops New ‘Robohornet’ Speed Test

•, By Scott Gilbertson
 Want to stress-test your browser of choice? Head on over the Robohornet site, but be forewarned its a long test and there’s a good chance your browser is going to fall on its face — unless of course you’re using Internet Explorer 10.

Robohornet was created by Google’s Alex Komoroske, but it’s an open source project with “stewardship committee members” that extend well beyond Google. There are representatives from Facebook, SmugMug and Sencha participating, as well as individuals like Tom Robinson, creator of the Cappuccino framework.

Robohornet is somewhat novel in that it’s trying to be a community-driven benchmark. The tests that comprise the benchmark can be created by anyone. What’s more, even web developers not interested in writing tests can still participate by voting on which tests to include. See the Robohornet GitHub page for details on participating.

Of course, while Robohornet sounds really good up until right here, we have some bad news for you — right now most of the tests are what’s known as microbenchmarks, very small, highly abstracted tests that often have very little bearing on real-world performance.

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