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Archived stories from Defense Distributed - PrintableGun.Com

“Download, Print, Fire: Gun Rights Initiative Harnesses 3D Technology”

Alexander Hotz, The Guardian

Printing 3-D Firearms a Step Closer to Reality

Charles C. W. Cooke, National Review Online

“The Printable Firearm Revolution is Closer Than You Think”

Adan Salazar, Infowars

“3D-Printable Gun Project Hits Its Fundraising Goal Despite Being Booted Off Indiegogo”

Andy Greenberg, Forbes Online

“Is Bitcoin the Future of Money, or Just the Future of Buying Internet Drugs?”

Jake Hanrahan, VICE

“You don’t bring a 3D printer to a gun fight — Yet”

Rich Brown, CNET News

“Should We Print Guns? Cody R. Wilson Says ‘Yes’”

Timothy Lord, Slashdot

“‘Wiki Weapon Project’ Aims To Create Workable Guns From 3D Printers”

HuffPost Tech

“Could a ‘Printable Gun’ Change the World?”

Damon Poeter, PC Magazine

“Indiegogo Shuts Down Campaign to Develop World’s First Printable Gun”

The Daily Dot

“WikiWeapon Campaign to 3D-Print Your Own Gun Suspended by Indiegogo”

Jessica Roy, BetaBeat

“Defending the Right to Print Arms”

Adam Clarke Estes, VICE

“‘Wiki Weapon Project’ Aims To Create A Gun Anyone Can 3D-Print At Home”

Andy Greenberg, Forbes Online

“Baseline gun control in the ‘public interest’ to prevent more Auroras”

More wistful, statist bleating.

“Sen. Leland Yee’s gun control bill slows bullet reloading (SB 249, CA)”


“No, you can’t download a gun from the internet.”

David Chernicoff at ZDNet.

“How to build your own firearm.”

“The end to gun control?”,

Mark Gibss., Forbes Magazine

“Do 3D printers make Prohibitions impossible?”

J.D. Tucille., Reason Magazine

“Gun smithing with a 3D printer- pt2″ 

Michael G., (HaveBlue)

“Gun smithing with a 3D printer- pt 1″

Michael G., (HaveBlue)

“Guns Don’t kill people- 3D printers do.”

Charles C. W. Cooke., National Review


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