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DIY Acupuncture For When TSHTF

•, by Rose R.
 The OTC medicine’s shelves have been cleaned bare by looters. All the nurses and orderlies and support staff have fled the ruins of the healthcare edifices to be with their families. The modern healthcare system is no more.

Now imagine someone you are depending on for your security and perhaps even survival wrenching their back while hopping out of the back of a pick up. Their back muscles seizing up so tight and the pain that they are experiencing, so excruciating that they can barely walk, let alone perform the tasks necessary for survival in a post TSHTF world. With modern healthcare now non-existent, what are you going to do?

Now, given the fact that our American healthcare system is highly dependant on high cost, high tech interventions, the idea that our current healthcare system would very quickly suffer a horrible degradation should TSHTF is a very real probability.
Given that high tech complexity and the subsequent hole that will be left should our healthcare system ever collapse, it makes sense to prepare by learning a low cost, easy to use, scientifically proven, versatile form of medical care not dependant on electrical power, knowledge of advanced applied organic chemistry or even nuclear science (all of which modern medicine is based on).

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