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Build a Small Solar Solution, With a Budget of $150 (Guide and Video)

 The problem is; it remains at the top of our purchase list and is continually skipped over. This is because getting started in solar power can be confusing, and even more expensive. But, what if it was not that confusing, and depending on your needs, not that expensive… Would you take the plunge? Download Step by Step Guide (.pdf) and Video

Before you start sketching your solar system, you must first understand the different components. Whether you are interested in an entire-home system, or only powering emergency lighting or a small radio, the principles are the same. The primary components for a solar system are panels, batteries, and a charge controller. The quantity and size of these primary items depends on the size of your system. And with each new item, the cost of the project goes up.

Solar Panel

Solar panels come in many different shapes and sizes, and can range from less than 1 watt to over 250 watts per panel. The larger the solar panel, the more current it creates. Current is measured in Amperes or Amps. Solar panels also come in different voltage configurations. The most common are 12 and 24 volt panels. You can use a solar panel to run an individual device, or use it to charge a battery.

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