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How I Convicted A Man For Helping Terrorists Who Now Aren't Terrorists

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retrospect, I should add "sort of."

The man — let's call him "Bob" — ran an immigration services business, and was helping people secure legal residence in the United States through various forms of fraud, including fraudulent asylum applications. The evidence showed that he knew that some of the people who benefited from his fraud were members of an organization on the State Department's list of designated foreign terrorist organizations. In 1999 the prosecution team (of which I was a part) secured an indictment and executed more than a dozen search and arrest warrants. Most of the defendants were charged with various forms of immigration fraud; eventually we charged Bob with providing material support to a designated terrorist organization. In October of 1999 he pled guilty to that charge, among others. It was a coup — I believe, but have not been able to confirm, that it was the first conviction under the material assistance statute. I was proud to be a member of the team. Most of Bob's co-defendants also pled guilty to various forms of immigration fraud; I convicted one alleged member of the designated terrorist group of passport fraud at trial (a trial in which his membership in the group was not mentioned).


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