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When all else fails, blame the Paulbots

•, Andreatta Geerdes

WASHINGTON, Septemer 30, 2012 — Suddenly, Ron Paul's supporters are relevant.

You remember Ron Paul — that old Republican guy who ran for president. His non-interventionist foreign policy ideas were considered kooky during the Republican debates but have since landed him interviews on Fox.

He is the guy who barely cracked 10 percent in the primaries but managed to attract tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life, to his rallies during the primary season. People lined up to hear Paul speak about free-market economics and Constitutional government.

Yet his lively supporters were dismissed as "Paulbots" and "Paultards."

But if,, and others are correct, the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, may have difficulty defeating Barack Obama if the Paulbots don't fall in line and vote for Mitt.

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