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Vicki Arroyo: Let's prepare for our new climate

•, TEDGlobal 2012

Set aside the politics: Data shows that climate change is happening, measurably, now. And as Vicki Arroyo says, it's time to prepare our homes and cities for the new climate, with its increased risk of flooding, drought and uncertainty. She illustrates this inspiring talk with bold projects from cities all over the world -- local examples of thinking ahead.

Vicki Arroyo uses environmental law and her background in biology and ecology to help prepare for global climate change.

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Comment by Leslie Fish
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Of course Earth's climate is changing;  Earth's climate has always been changing!  Paleontologists estimate that we've endured no less than six Ice Ages since the demise of the dinosaurs, complete with their interglacial warm periods.  The date supporting the Global Warming theory is spotty, questionable, tainted by politics, and contains an obvious flaw;  increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere encourages plant growth, as does increased warmth and water vapor.  Increased plant growth puts more oxygen in the atmosphere and tends to moderate climate -- which would put an end to that excess carbon dioxide and global warming.  In fact, according to no less than the National Academy of Science, the US is a carbon dioxide sponge because of our extensive forests.

In fact, there's much more solid evidence that pollution and soot in the atmosphere is "Dimming the Sun" (as viz. the PBS documentary), thereby cooling the Earth and leading toward a new Ice Age.  Again, increased plant growth can clean the atmosphere, moderate the weather, and slow the tendency toward Global Cooling.

In any case, we should stop trying to "purify" the US by destroying our industrial capacity, re-create the Civilian Conservation Corps and use it to hire all those unemployed citizens to *plant more trees*, everywhere that we can.  Forget the "cap and trade" scam;  plant trees!


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