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Is it about Gary, or is it about a 3rd party?

•,by phenn
 There are 4 registered Republicans in our family, all will be voting for Gary Johnson. We love Ron Paul, we like Gary Johnson, but we are not voting for Gary with an expectation of winning. We are voting for Gary to give a 3rd party some kind of chance, some kind of traction in 2016.

If Gary gets at least 5% of the vote, that means the libs get something like $30-$35 million in matching campaign funds in 2016.

If the 2 party system throws up 2 more clowns in 2016, I want a 3rd party to start to be significant. What if Ron Paul runs in 2016 as a Lib candidate? It would be nice to have him come out of the gate with $30 million.

I am truly a lib, vote your heart, but for those undecided about what they are going to do, I urge all 3rd party voters to come together and make a 3rd choice part of the system. We need to get 5% of the vote.

Ron Paul has been saying for years a 3rd party can't get the money to run. He would have ran 3rd party if this was different, well, we can make it different, otherwise we are scattered just like the other 2 parties want us to be. I hope the undecided can see the bigger picture.

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