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VIDEO: QE3 Destined to Run Until Implosion?

•, by Staff Report
 The big news: The money supply will expand and as it does all sorts of assets will inflate – money metals chief among them. It is certainly possible that stock markets will continue their manipulated climb. The Dow itself has doubled since the Fed began its regime of easing and this latest variant, QE3, may continue the process, especially as it is being cast as "unlimited."

Asset inflation is not something that is about to occur ... it is already here with such ferocity that there are increasing numbers of top people speaking of a return to a formal (state-run) gold standard as the only solution.

Of course, we are on record as opposing a state-run gold solution. Any kind of state-run mandate is a form of price fixing and distorts both the economy and the product it focuses on. We're in favor of private solutions. Let the market fix the price and value of money.

The damage central banks have done to the West's larger economies should be obvious to everyone now – and we notice that all pretense of subtlety has been cast aside.

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