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News Link • Japan - Earthquake Tsunami Radiation

Comprehensive study of Fukushima threat: 60 minute video

If you, like me, live on the West Coast of the USA, it’s probably too late, and you may as well just go on in your ignorance. Then again, if you care about your self or others you love, you may want to spend one hour of your life to grasp the full scope of our common situation.
“on the Beach” coming true?

about radiation in Japan
about the 1959 movie “on the Beach”
global nuclear contamination
genetic effects
pro nuke spin abounds
coverup of Fukushima effects
facts on what happened at Fukushima
radiation effects on plants, animals, people
hospital refers sick people to psychiatry
anxiety of Japanese parents
radiation reaching USA
Fukushima cleanup problems
plutonium in Pacific ocean
dangers in cleanup
potential for Northern hemisphere catastrophe.

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