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What Convinced Me To Start Composting

•, Randy Astaiza
 I stopped by the The NYC Compost Project table at the Maker Faire this weekend and was lucky enough to talk with to volunteer Robin Kraut, who attached an "I Heart Worms" folded paper shirt on me.

She got me really interested in composting as a way to be more environmentally friendly, minimize waste, help save money, and give much needed help to my garden.

The NYC Compost Project was created in 1993 by the NYC Department of Sanitation, to show that composting is easy and can even be done in a NYC apartment.

Compost is a dark nutrient rich material that resembles topsoil and is naturally made from decaying organic materials. It can improve soil texture, water retention, suppress plant diseases, weed growth, and adds essential nutrients to soil.

A leaf decomposes naturally in about two years with help from worms, insects, and microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, but by creating the ideal conditions of heat and moisture, composting can accelerate the process to as little two weeks. In the picture Robin snapped of me above, I am aerating, or turning the compost pile, which helps speed up the process.

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