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Want to Build a Badass Moped? There’s a Social Network for That

•, By Angela Watercutter

Resurrecting 30-year-old mopeds ain’t easy. Even for a whiz mechanic, finding the right parts can be a nightmare and installing the wrong ones can be downright catastrophic. Thankfully, moped enthusiasts can tap the wisdom of the crowd.

The Garage is the destination for moped gearheads eager to share some of their coolest modded mopeds and a place where n00bs learn how to overhaul that heap they just picked up.

The concept is simple: Mechanics — or aspiring ones — can upload pics of whatever they’re working on, outline its tech specs and run down the mods they’ve made. Riders with similar rigs can find out what modifications might work and avoid those that don’t. Want to know if you can put a Puch Gilardoni 74cc cylinder kit on that 1978 Puch Maxi you just got on Craigslist? See if someone’s already done it.)

The social network, which launched in beta last week under the tagline “Let’s make something together,” is an offshoot of the site for online parts retailer 1977 Mopeds. The concept came to 1977′s founder Daniel Kastner after he spent waaaaay too much time Googling to find a lens that worked with his new Canon DSLR and realized the same problem had plagued the moped scene for years.

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