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Man in jail beaten to death by cops

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The state medical examiner has determined that an East Baltimore man's death in police custody last month was a homicide caused by blunt force trauma, an account that conflicts with earlier assertions that he died from choking on drugs.

A copy of the autopsy report provided by the family of Anthony Anderson, 46, showed that he suffered fractures to eight ribs, contusions to his left lung and a ruptured spleen.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Don’t Be A Police Unarmed Shooting Victim

The following are some of the police explanations extracted from news reports why police shot unarmed Citizens. It would appear under the broad guidelines of many cities and states, police can claim—almost any imagined or actual physical act or non-act by an individual—posed imminent threat to the life of an officer to warrant deadly force. For example this can happen to anyone: Police within two or three seconds give contradicting orders confusing a suspect—police then shoot suspect stating suspect did not respond. If your pulled-over by police, reaching toward the glove compartment for your registration after the officer asked for it, may justify police shooting you. Police can claim you reached too fast or without the officer’s permission—that the officer feared for his life. Recently it was reported, after police pulled over an unarmed driver, police shot the driver dead because they allegedly feared the vehicle could assault them although the vehicle’s engine was off. Another similar report stated after two police cars pulled over an unarmed driver after (wedging in the driver’s car) so it could not go anywhere, police shot the driver because they allegedly feared being assaulted by his vehicle. So if you are pulled over by police, be sure to park your vehicle at an angle police can’t easily claim posed an assault threat to an officer’s life.

Federal Government has been militarizing, training local police to act like aggressive soldiers, not community police. The U.S. Government intends to establish a National Police Force that will include (armed forces personnel) with state and local police. That is against the Constitution. Expect more shootings of unarmed Civilians—consistent with increased military involvement in local and state police.

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