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Why isn’t Gary Johnson in the debates and funny things that make you go “Hmm”

WASHINGTON D.C., October 7, 2012 ― Lately American politics just isn’t what it used to be. In the old days, people knew exactly what they wanted and were enthusiastic to go to the ballot booth to vote for it. Today, presidential candidates routinely trade one to three point separation from each other in national polls, talking points sound cheap and unimaginative, and so many unanswered questions persistently plague the process.

In an earlier article I explored ten unsolved mysteries of the 2012 election. As it turns out, in just the span of a month our wonderful and wise political overlords have given us reason to ask ten more questions that make you go “Hmm …"

1. Gary Johnson is one of the most articulate and popular third party candidates America has seen yet. Why isn’t he in the debates?

2. Why is it that the rules for high school debates require kids to cite sources for key facts mentioned during a debate (and have a box full of copies of the sources if anyone wants to look at it), but in presidential policy debates the candidates are allowed to make up wild statements without providing any evidence?

3. If I suffer from a hyperallergic reaction to shampoo or hairspray, my doctor will certainly advise that I purchase hypoallergenic hair products to “remove the source of the irritation.” On the other hand, when a Congressional candidate claims that there’s too much hyperpartisanship in Washington, their solution is for us to vote for “bipartisan” leaders just like them. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that we need HYPOpartisanship in D.C. – to remove the source of the political irritation?

4. If politicians “invest” our money, when do I get my dividend check in the mail?

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