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Caravan to Libertopia

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Caravan to Libertopia

Once again, we are headed to Libertopia. Agorist Marketplace is continuing to build further into the future. One day, I envision a future where everyone has a their own flag flying high on their poles. Communities filled with homes of people who also host their business there. People that are free from the slave masters, people who are agorists, working for themselves and their families, and their communities.

I would love to look around and know what skill/trade each of my neighbors possess, it would alleviate the time we take traveling across statist streets, and using slave FRN’s. It would give us the ability to trade and exchange easier and freely.

If we truly live in a society where we are free to make a living for ourselves, we would be left alone to do so. But as you all know we live in a society where there are two types of people, the people who want to be left alone, and people who just won’t leave you alone. (which one are YOU?)

Many of us are afraid to leave our “jobs” we are afraid to raise our kids, we are afraid to depend on ourselves and our own motivation to create the things we need to create in order to trade them or sell them for survival. We have been trained and schooled by public indoctrination camps to do things at times we don’t want to do them, for certain amounts of hours a day, we are trained this way for years, until we are ready to enter the “job” market. By that time they have formed us into the good little worker bees obediently giving our money to the machine.

I applaud the parents who accept their kids in their homes as long as possible, because they understand the crassness of this society that forces you into a working class herd, in the livestock management program.

Many of my friends went to school, they educated themselves in a specific trade, only to be lost in the piles of resumes of others drowning in debt.
Either that, or they become sick of doing the same thing everyday, their minds fade off into dreams loosing any train of thought. If you find yourself day dreaming daily of something else you would rather be doing, you shouldn’t waste another minute not trying to accomplish that dream.

As we plan our next trip to Libertopia, I continue to think of different vending ideas, different foods to cook, different ways to become free.
I continue to be inspired by other agorists, anarchists, and voluntaryists. The message of peace love and non violence resonates in this freedom movement and I am happy to be a part of it.

As we move forward, I would like to suggest an idea that will bring us even closer to freedom, and that is more freedom festivals. I would like to see more festivals that don’t charge a registration fee, a camping fee, a hotel fee, a vending fee. I would like to see more locations where free people can gather to trade,exchange, and sell their products or services freely. I encourage you all to come and visit the Jackalope Freedom Festival. A Free festival for all free human beings.

I look forward to meeting you all in the future, and becoming free together.