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The Useful Cattail

• by Brian in Pennsylvania
  I would like to take the time to present some information that might not be known to everyone. This article is about the Cattail. That humble plant that some people go to great lengths to rid themselves of. That is foolish in the extreme in light of the coming collapse. A person that had a pond with cattails growing thick around the perimeter, or access to one, should consider themselves extremely wealthy. They can provide many things in all stages of their growth and are easily sustainable by replanting some of the seeds. In fact, if there are suitable places for them to grow near you, bur you don't see them there, you can take a seed head from another area and establish your own cattail garden. Apart from the uses for the cattail itself, they provide great cover for ducks and geese. (yum)

They are found in most areas of North America, so finding them in non-desert, non-mountainous areas should be relatively easy. There are multiple varieties. If you look around, there are probably some growing nearby. They are easy to identify, as no other plant produces that brown seed head that all cattails do. There are similar looking plants that can grow in close proximity, but none have that seed head. As a word of caution though, if you are not sure then don't eat it. Some of the broad leafed grasses that grow on the edges of ponds are poisonous.

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