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ARMED RESPONSE 4: Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios - simulator DVD


48 staged gunfight scenarios—like the ones simulator systems use—force you to react. Should you draw, can you safely and legally fire? Using your TV, you can dry-fire practice (using an EMPTY gun that you have absolutely proven is empty before proceeding) with these incredibly realistic carefully staged situations. You really “get it” for bringing a gun into play in an armed confrontation. Things happen so fast and without warning, especially on a first viewing, you'll see just how tough it can be to bring a gun to bear in a life threatening situation. But—was it really life threatening? Watch them and see, then study the careful analysis that follows every episode. Each scene is a life-like situation you could find yourself in at home, work, shopping and more. Careful analysis follows every scene.

After you've seen them all and (sort of) remember what to expect, these videos still present excellent opportunities for targeting the bad guys at a distance, with innocents nearby, in fractions of a moment. There are so many scenarios, you won't clearly remember them all and some are modifications of other scenes, making it even more complex. And then, a whole new training opportunity opens when you let friends experience the video—when you know what to expect—and you can watch them fumble, hesitate, and make the right and wrong judments you already had to make. One of the best training tools I've ever run across—short of owning your own simulator for tens of thousands of dollars. Nothing else like it, truly excellent.

Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios

David Kenik and Ralph Mroz, $34.95


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